According to Bob Vila, host of the home improvement hit This Old House, “Landscaping is much more than pretty plants—a good landscape design can add 20 percent to the value of your property and save up to 25 percent in heating and cooling costs.”

Now that you have a beautiful home, we want to help you make it just as pretty outside as you have it on the inside. A finished landscape is the last piece of the puzzle which completes the picture of your home – and as Bob says, increases your property value – and we hope, your property pleasure.

Project ideas include: deck edging, tree rings, front door dressings and other floral decoration around the house, fruit gardens, shoreline landscaping, hardscapes, and camouflaging septic systems with attractive plants and foliage. View the rotating gallery to see some examples.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Working together, we will create a design and map the layout of your planned landscape. This map includes the locations, layout, and labels of all the plants, mulch, and rock beds being used, as well as all of the care instructions for the plants.

Particularly in northern Minnesota, it can be difficult to know which plants will survive the cold winters. We provide you with a vast knowledge of plants and shrubs and can advise you on what will thrive in our region.

This gives a finished look around your planting beds, house, trees, gardens, etc. There are many ways to create attractive borders and edges using a variety of materials such as paver stones, retaining walls, and black tubing. We will help you create the style you’re looking for with the right materials.

Sod is a great investment if you want to beautify in a short time. We help you determine the square footage you need, design a layout, and professionally install it for you. After the sod is laid, we can help you maintain it by checking on its growth and establishment in your lawn.

Hardscapes can provide a nice complement to the greenery, or softscape of your property, by using “hard” materials such as brick, gravel, rock stone, boulders, concrete, and timber, in a decorative manner. Examples of hardscapes include brick patios, retaining walls, fire pit areas, and sidewalks.

Shoreline landscaping is a win-win for everyone. You can “go green” and create an area with plants and shrubbery along the shore of your property that is aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-free, and protects your property from erosion. Preserve the quality and quantity of your property and protect the environment.

That’s okay! We are happy to help you come up with creative solutions that fit the style of your home and area.

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