When you go on vacation – or in our area, when you are on vacation – the last thing you want to worry about is cutting the grass. If you need it once a week or once a season, we’re here to help with all of your lawn care needs.

In addition to lawn mowing, here are more lawn care services we provide:

Primarily weed whipping, creating that finished look to your property. We also do shrubs and hedges as requested.

Over time, grass from your lawn can start to grow into your driveway and sidewalks, creating uneven and unattractive edges. We maintain these edges so your driveway, sidewalks, and curbs keep their nice clean lines.

Dethatching involves removing the dead grass buildup (i.e. thatch) from your lawn. When your lawn is dethatched, moisture and air are able to get back into the lawn creating a healthier, greener grass.

This is the absolute best thing you can do for your lawn. Over time, the dirt in your lawn can become compacted. With core aeration, the compacted dirt is loosened which helps prevent thatch buildup, brings more fertile soil to the surface, and allows moisture and nutrients to get down to the root system.

Overseeding helps revitalize your lawn creating thicker, healthier grass – and thicker grass means fewer weeds. It can also be used to develop weak areas in an established lawn or be done with a brand new yard.

If your lawn is like a body then fertilizer can be likened to a vitamin. We help you determine what nutrients you need to put back into your lawn to keep it healthy and vigorous.

Includes hunting and deer trails!

Deer Food Plots coming in 2012! Keep posted for more information.

In the spring, we can help you get a jump start by dethatching, clearing lawn debris, fertilizing, and trimming. In the fall, we’ll prepare your property for winter by doing leaf removal, clearing lawn debris, overseeding, trimming, and pruning.

Keep an extra set of eyes on your property during the winter months. Please inquire for more details regarding general property care.

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